Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wherein I Talk About Savage Worlds

I finally got around to buying this thing. I've been eyeing it a long time, but something always kept me from it. I can cite a lack of funds, inability to justify the purchase or simply (believe it or not) a grudge against all those pro-SW fans who repeatedly tried to impress upon me that it was so much better than D6, which we all know I heart with big, pink, girly ♥♥♥s.

But now the game is in a revised, compact edition, and its new price won't ding your wallet if you're just picking it up to scope it.


Do I like it?

Well, reading it, I do. On paper, it's good stuff. I've only played it once, about 2½ years ago, but I seem to recall liking the way it flowed. It looks pretty good to me, and there's lots of support on the interweb informanet. I haven't messed with it yet (I just got it last Thursday), but I like the chase rules pretty well. It's not set to replace anything in my library, but I can see it joining others and taking its rightful place next to D6.

That reminds me of something...