Monday, February 09, 2015

You Have Waited Far Too Long For This Moment To Arrive

Hey, guys and gals! Guess what I'm doin'?

...well, yeah. I mean, that's all the time. But, uh, no, no no no..guess again.

Close! I'm not doin' that exactly,'re on the right track. Hey, why don't you have another go at--

-- yeah, I'd be tired of guessing too. So maybe I just will tellya that I'm (very, very slowly) working on a Recursion (you know, for The Strange?) based on--

No one is surprised. Okay, so dig this:

The Breakin'verse (quit lookin' at me like that) is a world of graffiti-scrawled underpasses, scrappy community centers, sharply-pitched neighborhoods and occasionally a fancy mansion, where all major conflicts are resolved via acrobatic dance battles with vaguely-defined victory conditions -- a utopian wonderland where hospital staff can do the worm, and a single man and his nameless Mexican girlfriend can, with nothing less than some pizza boxes and a couple of dance steps, not only stop a fleet of bulldozers cold in its tracks, but then immediately HEAL HIS BROKEN LEG and PUT ON A SHOW.

 Until a few seconds ago, I was driving a backhoe.
Now...when I had the idea, I had no illusions* that it'll be good for anything other than a one-shot novelty scenario. Maybe your PCs track down a bad guy who hides out in the Breakin'verse because he or she is aware that physical altercations cannot occur there -- the moment you get froggy with someone, a bunch of people grab you and hold you both back. Ergo, no harm can come to him or her; it's reality-armor.

But the PCs translate in, dressed in parachute pants and weird-ass hair and mismatching earrings and bright, bold colors...and discover that they can suddenly Pop And Lock (a draggable focus, of course)...the Vectors in the group are suddenly trained in Dancing, and the Paradoxes can walk up walls and the Spinners can totally oh my god look at them go...

...yeah, not a lot of replay value. But it'll be fun, I think, and it's my game and I DO WHAT I WANT.

There's no stoppin' us.



*...That I'd ever find a glimpse of Summer's heatwaves in your eyes. THIS IS HOW MY BRAIN WORKS