Thursday, April 24, 2008


Dag nabbit! Gol' darnit! Dad balst it!

*sigh* I'm running a fun one-on-one Castles & Crusades game with my wife, and we have an open Fudge space opera game we come back to now and again, too. I've kicked off a D6 Star Wars game as well.

You'd think I'd be satisfied.

This would be a misconception.

I'm sure this happens to a lot of people, but that doesn't make it any easier: I want to run and play more games than my free time allows. At any given time I'm likely to get enthused about, oh...three, four, who knows HOW many games at the same time. For instance, at this given moment alone, I get giddy just thinking about the following:

  1. A game of Savage Worlds set in an alternate Victorian/Edwardian reality, kind of a mix of Castle Falkenstein and Sky Captain;
  2. A Buck Rogers XXVc game, probably with a different rules set;
  3. A game of modern action, waaaaay over the top, full of ridiculous situations and Benny Lava -- Werewolf Hunter and nuns with MAC-10s;
  4. Spelljammer D6;
  5. Tunnels & Trolls with the gonzo cranked up; and
  6. Encounter Critical, the best game EVER that I have yet to play.
What's wrong with me? ADD? (That's "ADD" as in "Attention Deficit Disorder", not "AD&D". )

Hang on, I'll think of more, just you wait three days or so.