Friday, April 04, 2008

I Played! I Played!


The other night my wife ran a brief game of C&C for me. It consisted of only two encounters, but... god, I played.

Greylond Sharpe, 1st-level fighter with these here swashbuckler options, went poking around in the hills outside of a podunk town in my wife's setting, drawn by rumors of gold and treasure. My wife cleverly started the game in media res, with Greylond in a room full of treasure but surrounded by goblins -- and without his sword. Perilous!

Eventually Greylond got his sword in hand and started dispatching goblins, including the spellcaster chieftain. The bountiful treasure, however, proved mostly to be bogus -- mostly pieces of wood painted gold, set there as a trap by the goblins! Bastards.

Greylond still ended up with a few magic items and a little bit of real coin, most of which was spent in a neighboring town, identifying the magic items. I got a Bag of Beans!

That's about as much as we got in. Certain stresses have her creatively tapped-out at the moment, so it's unlikely I'll get to play again any time soon.

...damnit, I want to play MORE.