Monday, September 28, 2015

So I Picked Up Cypher System

You know, I really do ♥ The Strange. I mentioned that, right? Yeah, I think I did. So now there's a toolkit version of the rules, and it's called Cypher System, and I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know because COME ON, DOC, THAT WAS LIKE GENCON AGO.
Yeah, this...this one.
Anyway. I immediately wanted to use the system to run an adventure or two in my Radical Space setting, the one best described as "What if Star Wars and Indiana Jones had a baby, and its fairy godmothers were Fading Suns, a humanist rant, and 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City'?" And I think it'd be fun to do this, but I just got the book yesterday and only today finished skimming enough of it to create an NPC for it.

And here he is: Kobayashi Flynn (that's a PDF you can download). Part Belloq, part Doyle Blackwell from The Secret Saturdays (look it up), and a bit Boba Fett, back before the prequels ruined him up.

Okay, so I'll monkey with it a bit more, and maybe I'll remember to tell you what happens. HEY LOOK SOME MUSIC!