Monday, April 07, 2008

Top Secret/S.I.

I'm suddenly real interested in it. Why?

No good reason, I think I just am. I never played it, but I hear it's good. I have the original Top Secret, but I hear SI was better.

I just get curious about games I've never played. It happens a lot, actually, and it gets triggered by the oddest things -- in retrospect, my sudden interest in Top Secret/S.I. probably comes from the fact that my wife just brought home the Namco Museum collection for our PS2, and I played a little of a game called "Rolling Thunder" and it really made me want to do a totally jacked-up spy game. See these dudes?

Yeah, in the hoods. They're some sort of shadowy organization (why else, the hoods?) with bizarre technology, and they need their asses punched by an intelligence organization. They have stun batons, or maybe shocksticks. I dunno, I'm makin' this up as I go along.

Sure, any game can do this. But I was playing this a moment ago and I thought, "Hey, Top Secret/S.I.", and...

...there ya go.