Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I Guess If You're Hot, You're Not REALLY A Disney Princess

So my daughter is 3 1/2 years old, right, and boy, she loves her some Disney princesses. She's got Belle, and, uh, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella and Mulan and Pocahontas on stuff, all over the place. Mostly the first three -- they seem to be the A-List of Disney Princess Merchandising. Those three are on everything.

But you never see the hot one. The smoldering one, the vivid, lively one, the one who looks like Passion:


Technically, not a princess -- I guess, I've never seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame (I'm not a big fan of Disney, for some reason). But I remember the promos on TV, and stuff -- I remember her swirling an dancing and generally looking pretty va-voom all over the place. My daughter sometimes asks, "Who's your favorite Princess, Daddy?" Answers of "You are" are rebuked because she means the Disney ones, so I have to say "Belle", because she's the nerdy one.

But Esmeralda, about whom I'd managed to forget, is the hot one, and I guess Disney doesn't want to market hot to little girls.

Good idea, actually.

By the way...yesterday I was asked, by my daughter, who my favorite character from Godzilla is. She's...that kind of kid -- she puts on a Belle costume to sit down and watch kaiju flicks. I am the proudest Daddy in the world.