Saturday, September 29, 2007

Three Risus Characters

Yeah, I'm on a Risus kick. There are worse things to be all jazzed up about, and this one's legal. I opened up the Companion to access its "Omnigroovy Megaversal Background Machine"* the other night and got to reading the whole thing again, and so here we are.

Today during lunch I wrote up a trio of characters, suitable for...uh...


...hell, you figure it out.


Description: A skinny, greasy-haired 20-something in a McDonald's uniform. He's a little uneasy around girls, loves to talk about stock car racing and is the chosen of Odin to save Midgard from destruction by Fenris the wolf.

Gawky Burger-Flipper (2), Enthusiastic NASCAR Fan (3), Chosen By Odin To Save The World From Utter Devastation [3]

HOOK: Clueless about girls and Norse mythology


A chubby, 40-something accountant, nebbishy and a neat freak but he still has a full head of hair thank you very much. He possesses the ability to destabilize order in any structure, be it physical, emotional, social or whatever. He doesn't know why he has the power; he figures it's probably just some kind of cruel, cosmic joke. (He's right.)

Nebbishy Accountant (3), Engine Of Pure Chaos [3], Closet Parrothead (1)


An 8 ½' tall, smelly, shaggy anthropoid forest-dweller who is constantly drunk. He's surly and moody and just wants to be left alone.

Skunk Ape (5), Moody Drunk (3), Connoisseur Of Fine Gas Station Liquors (2)

I actually have...let's see...9 other characters I've written up over the last few days, but they'd take a while to type up and besides, who cares how many I've got written up?

*I'm not sure if that's right; Leaky Pete is borrowing my binder, and he's really into it.
** Credit my wife for THAT zinger, just like "Domo Origami, Mister Salami".