Monday, September 24, 2007

Catching Up!

ITEM! - I've added a blog-roll doohinkey off to the side there. Give it time, it'll grow. Note that my wife's blog, the aptly-titled "Random Access Memory" is on there, too.

ITEM! - The Seven Cities has shifted focus a bit. It's no longer a setting book; it'll just be genre advice, bestiary and adventures. It's also been re-titled to Ancient Adventures - A Mediterranean Fantasy Supplement for Broadsword.

ITEM! - I'm sick of hearing about the damn Big Ten Network. Seriously. I'm done. That's it. No more.

ITEM! - It's still hot here, so autumn's deceitful hand is stayed...but for how much longer?

ITEM! - Long story made short, all day today I had stuck in my head these words: "Slapamafoola...Jackupthemoolah...Fibbity-Flabbitty-Fop!" It's...weird, being here in my head.

There. You're caught up.