Tuesday, September 04, 2007


This morning, I had an idea. It was kind of stupid.

It inspired, however, a second idea, which wasn't really stupid but just kind of interesting.

Naturally, it led to a third idea, and it was one that I'm sure I had before but may not have pursued at all.

The second idea was a Klingon saying, "A true Klingon is not his race -- he is his culture. Genetics are pure luck; culture takes work and achievement". It suggested a Klingon attitude that what truly defines them is what they've achieved, where they're going.

Like I said, it's nothing huge but there's a seed of an idea in there, and that's the third idea: My own Star Trek universe.

Usually I frown on "re-imaginings", because more often than not they either miss the point or try to hard to be too cool/X-TREEM/ironic/etc. Still, there's a little bit of my inner geek that wants to take what I like about Trek and riff on it in my own way, and develop my own, alternate-reality Trek setting. Not for any good reason, either, nothing practical or even useful. Just...I dunno, fun.

Huh. Something to think about.