Saturday, September 29, 2007

Le Mato Al Rapero Con Mi Vihuela. ¡Ajúa!

So just today I discovered the Risusiverse Wiki, becuase why it took me so long I don't know. But anyway, it's good stuff and oh my god it has THIS PAGE.

It's a Risus game where you play Mariachis.



All across the USA are people who love music. Some people love rock and roll, some love rap, and some even love disco. But you and your companions know the truth. The best music in the world is…Mariachi! Yes, that beautiful Spanish guitar, the folk harp, and the guitarrón and vihuelas make the perfect musical performance that people will love. But a lot of muchachos and muchachas are lured into less perfect music by many performers around the country. So it is you and your band mate’s duty to convert these misled peoples to the wonder of mariachi, and to also stop the other band’s seemingly endless bids for world domination. Yes, you will play for crowds, hone your mariachi playing skills, and battle the other non-mariachi bands and their minions as they try to take over the world. Welcome to Risus Mariachi. ¡Olé!
Did you get that?



Kicking butt and playin' tunes.

¡Sáquese, Rapero!

The only reason I will accept for you NOT playing this game, is if you are dead.

Please do not be dead.