Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tales of the Old Notebook

Man, I love finding old notebooks. Guaranteed full of half-forgotten crazy .

Case in point: I just found one such spiral-bound in whose pages lie -get this- notes for a 1980's Buffy: the Vampire Slayer game.

I'm not a fan of the show, I never watched it, and do not have the game.

I think I wrote these a few years back when the game came out and the local gamers were all "OooOooOOh, Buffy RPG! NrrrEEEeEEeEeeEeehh!" and I said, "Huh, OK. I wonder how I would run that..."

Let's answer that question by peeking at my notes, shall we? Faithfully reproduced for your reading pleasure, they go a little some-athing like-a this:

SoCal Slayer 1983 - Notes!
  • Part "Buffy", part "Square Pegs"
  • Johnny Slash is a NPC: Band, "Open 48 Hours"
  • Game is in LA - maybe Pasadena?
  • Main Vampire bad guy: Stavros Altermann, producer of low-budget horror flicks such as "Arbor Day" and "The Pasadena Buzzsaw Bloodbath"
  • Minor villain: Maria Rosario Santos-Bennington, a rich Mexican/Am. teenaged goth who worships Mictlantecutli, Aztec god of Death - has a small army of Guanajuato mummies at her command at some point in the series
  • DEVO guest star as an interstellar SpecOps team hunting gibbering alien horrors; at episode's end, they say, "I bet you're wondering what the hats are for", touch a button on the hats, turn into beams of light that go up into the hats, and the hats shoot off into space!
  • MR T guest-stars as...MR T.
  • Yuppie vampires?
  • A punk band made up of werewolves?
  • Nerdy kid with no friends becomes the Arcade Ninjawith supernatural computer-controlling powers; exacts revenge on his tormentors. Sort of Carrie + WarGames.
  • Health food fad product turns locals into zombies!
  • The Haunted Ghetto Blaster forces listeners to breakdance against their will!

-- Notes for a spy scenario set in Mexico City on May 10th, 1983 3:15pm. They read:
  • SIGN - "Do you know the soccer scores?"
  • COUNTERSIGN - "It's hard not to."
  • CONFIRMATION - "I don't even like the game."
-- D6 stats for a pick-up game with my wife: a quick space opera scenario. Behold the stats for a Trash Beetle:
Special Abilities:
Bite STR -1D damage
Whip STR+2 dam.
Move: 5 (10 burrowing)
Size: 10m
Orneriness: 5D [that's right -- in case you wanted to ride one...]

There's more...but it's bedtime.