Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's A Good Thing Jeff Rients Hasn't Jumped Off A Cliff

I drew this cartoon a few weeks ago. Last night I started cleaning it up and pimping it out in Photoshop, but I got halfway through and went "AAARGH!" 'Cause it's hard.

I asked my wife if it was good enough to post as-is and she replied, "Ye-EAH...!" and made 'duh' face at me, so...


...check it. Traveller fans will hopefully dig.

I really enjoyed doing it, and might go loco and do another one. This time I'll plan better, and be more careful.

It might also be an Encounter Critical strip. We'll see.

"Use 'Comic Book Creator'", you say? I don't have it. I also hafta pay off a brand-new furnace.