Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Coming Of The Psi-Knights!

Just for crazy, I rolled up an Encounter Critical character last night. I rolled his race at random (human), and his stats made him a prime choice for the Psi-Witches. I decided he'd be one of the "galactic order" that's mostly men, and called it "The Galactic Order of the Psi-Knights". I decided he'd be a mutant, too, because the tables are there.

His mutated psi-lobe caused his two of his stats to change to 7 and 11, so I found therein his name: Svendar Elenev.

. He's from the planet Norussia, I guess. Cold place, lots of fishing and onion domes.

Further he is allergic to phasic- and laser-damage; ergo, I decided he shuns weapons of those types, although the phasic sword is totally the weapon of a Psi-Knight. And his missile attack is better than his melee attack, so I went a little weird on his weapon choices:

A great flail and a .45 Auto.

High Leadership (LEA) makes him charismatic, butI think I'll make him a little stern, too. It'll be interesting, he'll be a kind of a "tough love" Jed- uh, Psi-Knight. I'll give him brown robes and feathered hair, because it's 1979 when you play Encounter Critical.

All he needs is a motivation, and a reason to be on Vanth; then I can do a one-line concept slug. Here's my idea:

A stern but likeable Galatic Psi-Knight wants to Defeat Darth Viraxis.

With a stick on a chain, and a .45.

Encounter Critical, folks. Let's give it a hand.

NEXT: Developing my idea for an EC module, "Island of the Robodroids"!