Monday, May 17, 2010

BRP: Mutant Gorilla

Okay, Brutorz Bill, here you go: Frederik Von Congo!

Frederik here is a Normal-level anthropomorphic mutant gorilla, suitable for play in any campaign that has room for an ennui-filled German mutant noble gorilla who enters archery competitions and likes fast cars and military history.

I rolled up Frederik's stats based on the ranges given in Basic Role-Playing's bestiary chapter, although I changed the INT to 2D6+6 (which is normal for humans) and added EDU. I rolled a couple of mutations for him (they're on the back, which I didn't scan), and he ended up with natural venom (POT 2D6) and regeneration (1 HP per minute). I really didn't have to fudge anything else.

I could easily have ratcheted him up to Heroic level or better and added superpowers and like that, but I kinda like where he was going.

There ya go, homey!