Friday, April 09, 2010

D6 Stuff: Tales Of Why-Did-It-Take-Me-So-Long

...I swear, man. When I say I'm dense...

*sigh* Okay. So. In a nutshell: I have this thing about chase rules in an RPG. I want a mechanically-sound but highly-playable set of chase rules. It's like an obsession, a niggling desire. Why? I don't know why. I can't explain it. I just DO, OKAY?!

And, oh em gee, you know what? There's a pretty darn good set of just exactly that in Alderac Entertainment's Spycraft RPG.

You know, the silver one.

Only it's a d20-based game, and I don't like d20 games really*. So I'm not likely to play it, and therefore not likely to use the chase ru--GAAAAH! WHY DON'T I JUST CONVERT THOSE RULES TO A GAME THAT I DO LIKE?!

He musta had the chili.

I mean, really, it's just a matter of
  1. Cribbing the basic parameters of Spycraft's chase rules;
  2. Assigning D6 difficulty numbers to the maneuvers; and
  3. Going VROOM VROOM!

That's easy, right? That's not hard. That's easy! That's totally easy.

Easy like...


So why didn't I think of it earlier?!

*With the exception of Microlite20 and its offspring -- including SpyLite. Zing! See that?