Thursday, May 01, 2008

Correction! Retraction! Hasssenpfeffer Incorporated!

From a comment on my last post:

Hey - Chris Engle here. Have to put in a correction. It wasn't Ron Edwards who said selling puppets was unprofessional. Actually it was John Kim how said that. Ron's never commented on the puppets (in fact I think I've sold him one...)

I only got the non-professional comment recently when I was up dating my web page. John Kim was kind enough to update his link to my site for which I am appreciative. I don't take the comment at all personally, not everyone likes puppets

I will continue to work on being more professional in my game offerings but it is a second job for me. Social Work pays the rent!

Chris Engle

Turns out it wasn't Ron Edwards, and maybe my wife heard wrong. No offense, Chris, I'm sorry.

So! My apologies. That'll learn me!

ADDENDUM: Needless to say I'm quite embarrassed. And now, back to our regular tomfoolery and shenanigans.