Saturday, February 23, 2008

Holy Writ

I thought this was funny, so I'm re-posting it from a post I wrote on The RPG Site. Now, you're going to read it.

So it came to pass that Dr Rotwang! sought to know what The Goddess Eris thought of using D6 vs. d20 for playing Star Wars. Thus he fasted for 5 weeks and partook of no hot dog buns, and upon the last day of his fasting, he traveled to the holiest place in Hoosierville, which is in his closet, where the ties are kept.

"Goddess!" he said to the tie rack. "I have come to you in search of an answer. I prefer using D6 for Star Wars, but many of my fellows are seduced by the d20 version. I have fasted for 5 days! I mean, weeks! Please," he continued, "if I am wrong, send me a sign!"

He stood and waited for a while. No answer came.

"Screw it," he said, "I'll do whatever I want to." He walked out of the bedroom, past the cat, and into the living room, where his D6 stuff resides.

Thus he was enlightened.

-- The Horsepuckey Chronicles of Rotwang!, Book II Part 9, p. 12, next to the scribbled picture of a chick in fishnets