Monday, October 29, 2007

Untitled Catch-Up Post


FROM: Dr Rotwang!
TO: Xbow Vs Buddha Readers
RE: That Thing We Talked About


Here follows a collection of interesting tidbits that don't warrant a full post or which I at least keep forgetting to write about in full. You know how it is -- my brain's like a milk jug full of spinning marbles.

  • Few days back, in a comment RE: "Why Is The Buddha Cluthching His Gut?", trollsmyth asked: "PS - Got a link to that article on fairies?" No, trollsmyth, I don't. It was originally published in Ken Hite's "Suppressed Transmission" column on the Pyramid e-zine; I have the first volume of the dead-tree version and read the essay there. 'Course, if you're a Pyramid subscriber...
  • Ran Ghostbusters last night for our Annual Halloween Game. Went OK, but nothin' great; mostly it was good to have Kyle, John, Phil & Erin back together with us all at the same time. Looking over Ghostbusters again so soon after futzing about with Risus, I can totally see the resemblance, as it were. Makes me curious what, exactly, about Ghostbusters inspired what, exactly, about Risus.
  • We bought some candy for the game, including some gummi body parts. The ear does NOT look like an ear. It looks like...well, I'll scan one in and post a link later.
  • Kudos to whatever crazy fool programmed The Movie Channel yesterday. Forbidden Zone at Noon on a Sunday? You magnificent bastard. I taped it!
  • So...there's a commercial running here in the US which uses a cover of "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted sell birth control. Yes! In modern America, a grrrl-power cover of THE Teen Boy Rebellion Anthem of the 1980s sells family planning to 20-something girls. Strike from your mind the image of a 14-year-old boy in muscle shirt and mullet; that's over. DOUBLE-WHAMMY PSYCHOLOGICAL DISCORD PUNCH: The pill is called "Yaz". As in, "Upstairs At Eric's" Yaz. "In England They called Them 'Yazoo' " Yaz. Vince And Alison Yaz. brain...
  • I'm wrapping up the D6 Space game I've been running at Avalon (my FLGS). One session remains; after that I'll be running shorter, 2-3-session games with non-d20 products. Not to hate on d20, just to expand the visibility of other games. First up: Hollow Earth Expedition.
  • Okay, done.
Oh, and just for fun:

Stick it, RHPS. "Weird" is Danny Elfman, as Satan, crooning "Minnie The Moocher" with alternate plot-realted lyrics to a guy who acts like a chicken and a topless girl in a tiara.

Apparently, you can get it on DVD. Hmmm...