Thursday, October 25, 2007

Great Tastes!

I love tasty stuff. Who doesn't?


That's who.

Commies and zombies. Probably also robots, but it's not their fault.

Here's a tasty thing: General Foods International Dark Mayan Chocolate. It's not on the company's website but I swear it's real, because I'm drinking it RIGHT NOW and Hellboy is helping. Go buy some and drink it (mix it with hot water first, you moron).

It's rich, it's smooth, it's tasty and the paper mini wizard can't cast any spells to make it any better. Click for a bigger picture, yo.

ALSO: We all know that the boys and girls at Jones Soda like to make up some batches of wooo-hoo-CRAZY sodas, especially around various holidays. This being October, there are Halloweeen flavors out.

Observe this can.
This is Jones Soda's "Lemon Drop Dead" soda. It is a tart, lemon-drop-flavored soda. It is a GOOD soda, and you're wasting time not drinking it. Go find some and treat yourself.

But beware! Observe THIS can:

It is a candy-corn flavored soda. You will find it near the tasty, lemon soda.

You may be tempted to purchase this and to put this in your mouth.

DO NOT PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH. It is vile. It is what Hell tastes like, if Hell is made of sugary, carbonated melted butter -- and after drinking this stuff, I'm sure it is. This soda will violate your tongue, sort of like if you accidentally licked Paula Deen.

Damn! That's a rambly, stupid post.

EDITED to correct pictures of good and bad sodas. Sorry, Mister Jones Webmaster!