Monday, October 08, 2007

Heartbreak On The Lunch Menu

Today, I'm eating a Lean Cuisine Chicken Enchilada Suiza. "Swiss Enchilada". It's good. The tortilla is made of corn, which pwns those white things that are usually foisted at me under the "tortilla" moniker.

One time in Mexico City I went to the Sanborns restaurant in the famed Casa de los Azulejos ("House of Tiles") and ordered a plate of Swiss enchiladas and ate them slowly, by myself. It was 1995 but that didn't matter. It was a delicious meal, sweet and tart and spicy, chicken enchiladas smothered in a cheese and a sauce of cream and green tomatoes, and I ate it deliberately, with gusto.

The building itself is gorg--

No no no.


It's freaking gorgeous, a Spanish colonial palace built in the XVI century and inherited by Don Luis de Vivero y Luna Ircio, Second Count of the Valley of Orizaba. Yes, I looked it up on Wikipedia. There's a great story about it but I'm having trouble translating it right now. Long story short, it's beautiful.

It's so beautiful, so unique, so storied and so far away, that it breaks my heart.


...since it says "gaming" up there next to the robot, I guess I ought to say something about that in reference to this building. And since I love to let a picture do the talking, here's this: