Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"She dies, you die, everybody dies."

Like most everything else with ganglia in its head, I bought the final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Book that Sells Itself. Not only that, but I read it.


Enjoyable for sure, if a bit draggy in the middle. Worth the wait...

...and you know there's a "but".

BUT, the epilogue is weak, unsatisfying, feels tacked-on and frankly ends with the lamest 2 lines the woman has (probably) written since high school. Either she should've dropped the epilogue at all or, better yet, made it more robust, with more answers, more wrap-up. It's kind of sucky when you get to care about some dude and his made-up magic world and then you don't get any idea as to what actually happens to it after, you know, everything gets busted up.

Ah, well. Learn from the mistakes of others, eh?