Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trekkin' With Risus

Long ago, I wrote a little webpage with Star Trek stuff for Risus. (It's not there anymore, but there's still a link for it at Cumberland.) It was kinda ho-hum, I guess, and I don't miss it. Mostly, it made fun of Trek, because at the time, I didn't like it.

Since then, however, I have discovered that classic Trek makes the very toast upon which it rocks; in other words, I have an appreciation for it. In fact, this morning, before work, I watched an episode of the animated series, which I own on DVD. So while I'm not hardcore, I can give Trek its due love.

And I want to do that with some brand new Risus Trek material. Still parody, but a little different this time.

The other night I lay in bed writing up some characters, to see how well I could do it, and I generated these:

Capt. Alejandro J de la Torre
Starship Captain (4), Muy Suave (3), Doesn't...give...up! (3)

Mr. Kybok
Science Officer (4), Highly Logical (3). Alien who doesn't comprehend these strange human idiosyncracies (3)

Dr "Patch" McCrary
Medical Officer (4), Crotchety (3), "Damn aliens!" (3)

Mr. Albert "Limey" Lime
Chief Engineering Officer (4), Miracle Worker (3), Cockney (3)

Mr. Leung Cheung*
Navigator (3), Shirtless kung fu demon (4), Inscrutable (2), Not a ladies' man (1)

Lt. Ahumibe
Communications Officer (3), Stone Fox (3), Fan Dancer (4)

Mr. Leon Prokofiev
Starship Helmsman (4), The good kind of Commie (4), Recurring role on Babylon 5 (2)

Nurse Temple
Nurse (4), Hello, Nurse! [3]

k'eQ m'EH
Klotharn [4]

Beny Scumm
Dodgy Merchant (4)

Cassiopeian Slave Girl
Sexy Chartreuse Chick [5]

* A chinese restaurant that used to be here in town. Ha, ha, ha.