Monday, August 06, 2007

Castles & Coolness, Apparently

Hoo-HA! Busted out a game of C&C last night. My wife, Anthony and Leaky Pete from work, and also our co-worker Emily and her husband, both of whom are newbs. He didn't play; he just observed.

We rolled up characters in next to no time, pulled the table into place and got to gamin'. We had a snarky fighter (my wife), a cleric of Marena, the hawtsome Valkyrie/Fertility Goddess (Leaky Pete), a half-elven thief (Anthony) and a sorceress who looks like a female version of Jareth from Labyrinth and isn't human (Emily). Classic line-up; good to go.

Starting out in Hawfair Green (Castle Zagyg vol. 1: Yggsburgh) during a springtime livestock fair (!), the players saved a beggar from being whipped by a cattle rancher, gathered info on a nearby abandoned keep stuffed with monsters, and convinced the village Alderman that something ought to be done about said lair what with all that tasty meat walking around that week. I planted a few seeds about anti-elven sentiments elsewhere, and the PCs went off to poke at yonder monsterful keep in the hills. A group of goblins, awating in ambush, had their butts craftily handed to them, and with that we called it a night.

Everyone else digs the rules so far, and Emily had fun. In fact, her husband, who's never gmed before but was always curious, is thinking about playing, too.

And how was it for me?

Well, all night long, I dreamed that I was still running the game.


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