Wednesday, July 18, 2007

oh my god it's full of maps

Thanks to a series of financial windfalls, I now own copies of Gary Gygax's Castle Zagyg: Yggsburgh and Necromancer Games' Wilderlands of High Fantasy. These will be used in my upcoming Castles & Crusades soon as my Local can get me the PHB. (It's not their fault; keep reading.)

I purchased Yggsburgh last Friday, and I'm giddy with delight at all the little details and all the adventure opportunities. The Tomb of the River King up on Mound Island is especially alluring, and can't wait to see some aventurers traipsing over there to see what's what...and to get a little something-something. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Yesterday, my copy of Wilderlands was delivered. I ripped the shipping box open and took a hobby knife to the shrinkwrap with Cimmerian ferocity, and lo and behold it's full of maps and ideas.


I could say that I'm overwhelmed with what I have in front of me, but oddly enough the inverse is true: I have a hell of a wide net to jump around over. I'm planning to find a few empty hexes on my Wilderlands map, drop Yggsburgh and environs into it, and let it all rip.

Also, would someone please put Anne Hathaway in a SF movie? Thank you.

I've even come up with a few of my own things to drop in there -- there's The Old Stone Head of course, as well as a couple of ruins and an innocuous temple which may (or may not) be more than it seems.

And you know what else fits in there? The ruined keep from the MentzerBasic D&D boxed set.

Plug and play!

Oh, yeah. Avalon, my Friendly Local Games Store here in Bloomington, IN, is having a hard time getting me the 3rd printing of the C&C Player's Handbook, which has just been printed and, according to Troll Lord Games, shipped to distributors. I've had this sucka on order for close to a month and I'm about to pee my pants. When in Bloomington, stop by Avalon at 223 N Pete Ellis Dr, turkey!