Saturday, July 28, 2007

At Last!

Avalon, my Friendly Local Games Store, called on Thursday to tell me that the copy of the Castles & Crusades Players Handbook I ordered right after Fathers' Day had finally arrived. On Friday I went in to get it and now I can officially stop whining.

Again, the delay was through no fault of the store's; the book had just been reprinted and had to work its way to distributors, etc., and that was unfortunate but not, you know, horrible. I had faith in my FLGS; all I hadda do was wait.

I also got the Castle Keepers' Screen, which is what it sounds like. It looks damn useful and it's the sturdiest of the screens I own, and it's laminated on both sides. Soda-proof!

I've played a little C&C with my wife, actually, using the freebie Quickstart rules that were given out 'round Free RPG Day. We like it fine; it suits our style of play and my lack of desire for bighuge* preptimes. I am, as they say in the vernacular, down with it. Plus all of our other D&D stuff workswith it, from the Mentzer stuff on up to 3.x craziness. Bonus.

Soon, I will start a regular campaign in crazy, nigh-unprepped style. Adventure, ahoy!

*Not a typo! 'Bighuge' is a real** word!
** 'Real' in the sense that, uh, you're...not imagining it.
***What are you doing?! This is a Footnote From Nowhere!