Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Am An Idiot, And Forgot A Couple.

Ah, yes. My absolute favorite game-city of all freaking time.

It's danged near perfect for a tabletop campaign. Already stocked with NPCs, adventure ideas, locations, an interactive map and tons of mood and feel. Plus, players are likely to be familiar with the setting, and additional info is readily available.

C'mon. Tommy Vercetti can't keep the town forever.

Of course, I also have a copy of Vice Squad: Miami Nights, which not only wraps up feel and flavor into a delicious package, it has one of my favorite elements in a setting book. There's a section called "Never A Dull Moment", which is nothing more or less than an array of little flavor-setting incidents to spring on your players. Everything from getting your car tagged to chance run-ins with important NPCs, every one of them adds flavor and life to the setting.


You know, I do prefer warmer climes...