Thursday, March 15, 2007

For Ye What Likes To Doodle

I'm no Disney fan.

I like a few things that have come from that gods-forsaken house of blandtertainment*, namely TRON, The Black Cauldron, The Emperor's New Groove (which was too funny to be a danged Disney movie) and a few other bits here and there. My daughter loves the princesses and my cousin Brad is the producer of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" so now it's a family thing, but the Disney thing is just...kind of...'meh' to me.

But I like Atlantis, aka "The Mike Mignola Movie That Mike Mignola Should Have Just Done Himself But Good Job That The Mouse Gave Him Lots Of Money Or At Least I Hope They Did".

We recently joined a DVD club (think book club but DVDs, dig?) to get Lily some movies and to snatch up some of the aforementioned Rotwang!-approved Disney fare, like the TRON Special Nerdfest Edition. Atlantis being available, and in Super Geektastic Two-Disc Drooly Extras Edition no less, WHAMMO we had to have that.

Lemme just say this: the "Atlantis Style Guide", an art gallery which reproduces the design parameters given to the designers themselves, transcends mere novelty and becomes a handy-dandy tool for amateur doodlers like me and you. It's a real, professional** document that not only gives insight into how real art designers work, but also, in this case, steers you towards totally drawing some Mignola-type stuff all yer own. It's k-rad and I like it.

Plus, is Atlantis the only movie to feature Marty McFly, father Guido Sarducci and Spock?

Yes, Virginia. it sure am.

Lavalounge is playing "I Can't Wait" by Nu Shooz and that meansthat the universe is worth saving.

*You like that? Huh? Huh? Yeah!
** Albeit marred by misspellings. "Knuckels"? "Basicly"? What, no spell-checkers on Disney's computers?