Saturday, November 04, 2006

That Scrambled Word Game!

US readers are likely familiar with "Jumble", a long-running newspaper puzzle feature. In "Jumble", you are given a set of 5 ordinary words whose letters have been scrambled; then, you unscramble them. They rarely make legible anagrams, as one might expect.

But sometimes, you get some interesting things that look like words. Or maybe...

...maybe they look like SF and fantasy character names.

It's a neat trick; try it sometime. First time I did it was kind of by accident, and not very drastic; I named a D&D NPC "Drogan" because I mispelled "dragon" while making notes. Recently, though, I used it actively, turning someone's long-ago Star Wars character's name ("Greyson") into an NPC for the aforemenioned Free Company game ("Roygens").

An easy way to generate content, eh? Eh? Eh?