Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WHAT'S NEW? - With Doc R! and...ummm...


...huh. Dusty, in here.

Let's pretend I never left. OK? OK! Great.

So here's what I'm into these days:

I scored (i.e. 'purchased with legal tender) a copy of Night's Black Agents a while back, and boy howdy, I gotta tellya: this is some good stuff.

I read a review of it on, and was sold pretty much instantly--here was a game about being a badass and slapping the gunk outta vampires, and so what's a better thing to do with them than that? NOTHING IS, THAT'S WHAT. I'm glad you agree with me, because it'd be pretty awkward having to explain it to you. I love that we're friends!

Aaaaaaaany-old-way, as you likely know by now because the game ain't 'xactly new, Night's Black Agents uses the GUMSHOE system, designed by Robin Laws. GUMSHOE is tuned for investigative-type scenarios, and thus operates on the crazy-ass notion that rolling to see if you notice important clues, and potentially boinking that roll, is no fun; you should just get that clue, GUMSHOE says, as long as your character has the necessary skill and is in the same location as the clue. There's more to it, but that's the main thing. Right?

I like that.

I dug the game, I dug it right away. And before you know it, I'm all, like, Dude. I wonder if I'd dig Trail of Cthulhu as well? So I checked it out, and picked up a copy, and -- what do ya know? I DID! I DID dug it! Um! Dig it!

And of course, Ashen Stars came next. Because SPACE OPERA.

Okay, I'm gonna bail before this starts to feel forced. While we wait for me to come back, here:

...your turn to dig somethin'.