Sunday, January 18, 2015

Versus That One Game

Don't talk to me about that one game, man. I don't wanna hear it. Makes me mad, so don't even.

And it's not like I hate it, or somethin'; it's a thing with me that I don't hate anything. Hating's not my style. I don't wanna play it, and it's the opposite of what I want out of a game. Anybody else likes it, that's fine. I like Xanadu, after all -- I'm not gonna dog on anyone just 'cause of how they wanna get down. 

But that's the problem -- it's like everyone seems to like that game, and only that game. It's that game, or nothing.

"Hey, ev'rybody!" I will often say, "I'm running a demo of this other game, here! All kinds of different games, in fact! Come on over to the games store, let's have some fun, it's free! Supposedly I don't even suck at it!"

Yet no one shows up, because it's not that game.

"Okay, I dig that you like that game. I have lots of favorites, too. There are lots of games! This is a crazy bigass hobby! Here's more of it to enjoy!"

Deaf ears, brick walls.

"What am I doin' wrong, fellas? What's -- am I stinky? I shower before these things, I swear...what can I do to get you guys to try out this game?"

Now I get answers: I'm too invested in my game. I can't afford a new one. I only have so much time.

"Um...the demos are free. No one's trying to take your game away, just share a new one with you. And the demos are all one-shots, just so you can see if you li-"

My game is what I want! They get defensive, here; close ranks, put signs on the clubhouse door.


So, yeah. I suppose it's not really the game's fault for being popular, no matter how much I think it's an overcomplicated, pandering exercise in excess. Other folks dig it and that's aces.

I suppose, then, that it's the players who treat it like it's a cult, who perceive (or seem to perceive) offers of other games as an attack against them, or...some...thing, I dunno. The net result is that what should be a game I can simply ignore has become a foe to me. Beyond an annoyance, it's a symbol of my frustration.

"Well, okay. Thanks for your time," I say, and go back to the drawing board...

...and all the locals go back to finding a path, or whatever.