Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dukes of Biohazzard - Chapter 2, Part 1


“BECAUSE THEY’RE COUSINS” -- Character Creation

As mentioned before, all PCs in The Dukes of Biohazzard are cousins.  Them’s the rules.  In fact, let’s call them PCs, or “Player Cousins”.  They don’t have to be first or even second cousins, but cousins they must be.  Because they are all kin to each other, they stick together, cover each other’s butts and stand up for the family name.
Or not.  Whichever.  

What You Is?

As you can well imagine, gamer that you are, there’s no shortage of booger-headed mutant freaks in this game.  Player Cousins may choose to be relatively normal baseline humans with virtually untouched genes just as easily as they can decide to be real weird-ass Rob Bottin nightmares.  Possibly, PCs can just lie somewhere in between--call them “genetic scratch-and-dent” cases.  If you’re making a character, choose this level of messupedness now.  NOW!  GO ON, CUZZ!  YEEEE-HAAAW!
By the way.  The choice you just made has no mechanical benefit or detriment other than to guide you on how to spend your dice, which you get to do in this next section, called--

Fixin’ To Get Ready

Just as in reg’lar Mini Six, all PCs start with 12D for Attributes and 7D for Skills and Perks.  The Attributes are the same as always, but with different names, like so:



Most skills from Mini Six are likewise available, although most having to do with technology more advanced than the carburetor in a Dodge Charger are going to get real lonely.  

Living in Biohazzard County (the in-game name of the setting) requires and allows its own unique skill set, though; here are some new skills that you may wish to use in your game.  I could only think of two, though...but that’s OK, because this game doesn’t need to go getting all complex and nuanced.

Wrasslin’ (Heftin’): Not just a form of combat but also a performing art, Wrasslin’ is an important skill to have in the post-apocalyptic thigamaplace here.  A good wrassler is not only a formidable opponent in a fight, but can also be an imposing presence in social encounters.  In some places, a good wrassler has certain social advantages, too...

Stillin’ (Brainin’):  As fossil fuels are no longer available (having all been consumed during the war...did I mention that?), citizens of the post-apocalyptic whatchamacallit must rely on alternative fuel sources, both for survival and for trade. Ergo, Stillin’ is the ability to make combustible fuel out of whatever biomass is available.  It can also be used to make hooch, which can also be used for trade or entertainment.  Don’t drink and drive, kids.


Of these, there are more.  How else you gonna trick out your Player Cousin with, like, eye lasers and stuff? (Note: “Eye Lasers” is not an available perk.  I am a liar and a jerk.)

Muscle Car (2):  You have a muscle car.  It’s whatever color, make and model you want, and it can be decorated as you please.  A Plymouth Duster with an airbrushed Virgen De Guadalupe would be nice; maybe a lime-green AMC Machine with...I dunno, like, how about an elephant stencilled on the hood?  That’d be different.  Working door latches are optional.  NOTE: Two PCs may each contribute 1 die to this Perk, and thus receive joint ownership of the car.
Gams (1): Ooooh, you is a sexy cousin.  Gain +3 to all social interactions with other sentient beings who are not repulsed by you.  Also, you can wear cut-off denim shorts without looking like you’re walking on cottage cheese hot dogs.  Note that “Gams” need not be restricted to female cousins, nor does its other form, “Pecs”.  
Muated Up (1-3):  You have a beneficial mutation, and you can even use it.  This is purposely left vague, because I’m less keen on lists of powers and more into makin’ stuff up.  So just describe the mutation (Third Leg, Cat Eyes, Tobacco Spit Gland) and what it does (bonus to balance rolls, see in the dark, spit a stream of foul ichor at a target within 15’) and you’re golden.  But hang on, here are some rules of thumb:
  • Each die you spend on this Perk grants either a +3 bonus to a logically-related roll or set of rolls OR 1D of effect in damage or whatever
  • You can’t have more than 3 mutations of mechanical consequence
  • If you have a 3-die Perk, then you are Mutated Up Something Fierce and must describe yourself as such