Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Got-Dang Bloggers, Git Outta Mah Haid!


Okay.  THIS and THIS.  First it's Jim Maliszewski talking about a SF game with as broad a definition of genre as D&D's definition of fantasy; then Trey wishes for a game "set in a retro-future along the lines of Leigh Brackett’s Eric John Stark stories or C.L. Moore’s tales of Northwest Smith."  And, you know, those are good ideas.  They're good, Anthony, they're real good.

"Get back in the cornfield!"
But, dammit, I'm supposed to be writing that PBOM document.  And then I'm supposed to try my hand at a D6 cyberpunk game doc.   I'm not supposed to get all distractified by shiny new things and run off after them like a fatboy in lead shoes.


I know about Christian Conkle's Lightspeed, which is a pretty good match for Jim's "SF Goulash" idea.  Hell, there's even a D6 version of its precursor, Rangers, out there too.  The work's already done, as any fool can plainly see.

But noooooooo.  Doc Rotwang! is, apparently, an entirely different type of fool, who wants to make one of his damn own.


...the hell is wrong with me, anyway?