Sunday, November 25, 2007

Time Machine Revisited

Recently I was reminded that, back in the 1930s, there was almost an animated feature film based on Edgar Rice Burrough's "Mars" stories.

I say "almost" as in "test footage was completed". Click the link and you can see it, and hear animator Bob Clampett talking about it. Listen for the enthusiasm in the dude's voice.

So. Why do I need a Time Machine? Well, y'see...Clampett and ERB's son Jack approached MGM about producing a series. MGM liked it...but then someone shot the idea down because they thought Tarzan would sell better than John Carter.

Had the project been completed, animation might be totally different today -- and likely for the better.

But no. Because no one would believe that a guy might be on Mars having adventures, cartoon or no.



I'm gonna build a Time Machine, and I'm gonna paint noseart on it -- a pretty girl with her fists held up, a devillish grin and a wink to the viewer. And next to her, the craft's name in big, cursive letters:

"The Retroactive Asspunch Express".