Monday, June 11, 2007

(Four-) Color Me Baffled

Are you ready for something that I am totally not making up?

My daughter, who is 2 years and 10 months old, is currently fascinated by Doctor Doom.

Last week I bought a big hardcover book about Stan Lee and his influence on the Marvel Universe. It has a little audio player attached to it, so you can hear The Man Himself talk about stuff as you read. Pretty cool, 'cause anything Stan Lee says is welcome.

Anyway, she wanted to look at the book and play "the music" (Stan's comments), so we did. For some reason, still unknown to me, she lingered on a 2-page spread about Doom. She asked a few questions ("Why he is wearing that? Is he a bad guy?"), and I cued up Stan's commentary, wherein he discusses the fact that wanting to rule the world is not really a crime. She listened to it twice.

We kept looking through the book, and she started flipping around as though looking for something. "Where's that picture?" she said. "The one I was looking at."

After some guesswork on my part, sure enough -- she wanted to look at Doctor Doom. And we listened to Stan again. And again. And again.

I asked her if she wanted her own picture of him; she said yes, so I found this one and printed it out. When we went outside for a walk, she took the picture with her.

She took the picture to bed with her.

So...why? What's up? Why does a not-quite-three-year-old little girl like the Latverian dude so much? Is it just the way he looks? Is it something that Stan said? Is she planning world domination?

I don't know. I don't mind (in fact, I think it's super freaking rocket-awesome), but I don't know.

Is there a geek gene...?