Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This One Goes Out To The Ones I Love

Man, the computron here at work keeps borking Firefox. I'm having to write this post in Internet Explorer, and I feel dirty.

Anyway. Thanks for the kind words in response to the podcast; I'm working on another. It's taking me a bit because of time, health (damn cold just HANGS and HANGS) and...

...well, first few stabs at it were pretty sucky.

Other than that, uh...Phil & Erin came down from Muncie this weekend, and we got back to our D6 Fantasy game. My old high school buddy Simon was also in attendance, and he played the first-ever cleric of St Benatar. The faith's pretty vague right now, 'cept that it involves judicious use of compassion vs. whackass, lutes with axeheads and reciting song lyrics. "Invincible" casts Barkskin, did you know that?

Kyle and Tom were there, too, and of course my wife, and while we didn't get much done in the game...we had a great, great time. We ate vegetable lasagna (Phil & Erin being dirty commie vegetarians), had some cake, drank some tea and generally goofed off and said things like "My adventuring juices are a-flowin'!" as well as a unch of double-entendres which I would not repeat here if I remembered them.

Plus, they killed an arboreal squid.

It was great to see these people because they are my friends, and they're one of the biggest reasons I game.'re great. Thank you.