Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stat And Deliver!

In looking again at FATE, and at how Aspects work, it occured to me that those could be used not just to define a character but also to describe a character. Not a big leap of understaning but a realization nonetheless.

I thought, "You know, if I had a Hyborian Age character with the Aspects 'Zingaran' and 'Duellist', that'd define him and be his stats. Cool," I mused. "Nice."

The very next thought I had, and I kid you not at all, my friends, was --

-- well, let's just do it visually.

"The devil take your stereo and your record collection!"

00 DANDY (Good)
000 HIGHWAYMAN (Great)


Wardrobe & Grooming - GREAT
Etiquette - AVG
Literacy - FAIR
Reparteé - FAIR
Riding - FAIR
Intimidation - AVG
Pistol - GOOD
Rapier - GOOD
Stealth - AVG
Appraisal - AVG

Twin flintlock pistols (+2)
Rapier (+2)

So sick of easy fashion, The Dandy Highwayman spends his cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention. But - what's the point of robbery when nothing is worth taking?

Ready to go for your next session of Harlots & Highwaymen, a game I'd totally play. one and invite me.