Saturday, April 07, 2007


Since I gave myself the OK to use "found ideas", i.e. stuff I already have lying around, I'm gonna do just that. Here's some stuff that I'm going to pop in there because I said so:

  • Keep on the Borderlands. Classic module, and totally rad. way open-ended and just what this campaign needs.
  • The Barony of Serovan, which I mentioned earlier. I have maps of the city and of the surrounding area, so using it will be a cinch. I even have some NPCs and a little local plot: Baron Auldrec Autumnis is kind of a meathead jerkwad who has taken over for the old, beloved baron, and he's charging ridiculous and exorbitant taxes on everything. He has, at his disposal, many loyal soldiers -- he's a war hero, an athlete, a Man's Man. He thinks he's a great leader and that he knows how to run a barony, but, uh...he's a motard and he doesn't.
  • Castle Foxmoor, stronghold of the paladin Lord Obregon. Mostly a nice guy, except quite zealous here in his old age -- he's starting to feel like he's losing his edge, so he's decided to start a little crusade of his own and Clean The Place Up. He has the allegiance of a couple of local lords, and he intends to rid his lands of undesirables. Now, if only I knew who these undesirables are...*
  • Another "Castle & Lands" idea: a small system of strongholds held by an illusionist and her former adventuring cronies (a ranger, a fighter and a lady cavalier). I have no idea what's going on in there, except that the cavalier's keep is at the edge of some dry, barren hills that have a bit of a purple worm problem. I have some NPC notes, some castle notes and a map somewhere.
  • Ewoks. No, wait, that's a crappy idea.
  • The Great Wizard and his lizardman guards, stolen di-rectly from the pages of Sergio Aragones' Groo.
  • Kira, Goddess of Youth and The Arts, whose avatar looks a whole lot like Olivia Newton-John in Xanadu.
What? Stop looking at me like that. It's my game, damnit. It means something to me.

*Mike, from work, might say that this would be a great place to stick those Furries he was talking about. I wonder if he is not on to something.