Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hey, mhensley!

Back on April 12th, I wasn't paying attention when mhensley said...

"I would love to read more about what you think of the D6 system. I'm currently digging into D6 Fantasy (again) and its starting to click for me as well."

Glad to answer, my good Hensley. Er. M. Yes.

Right. I'm having a great time with it, frankly. There's not much for ready-to-roll-out magic in there, but it rarely gets used in my games for whatever reason so I have had no issues; combat is pretty smooth and painless (well, except for the characters who are fighting...); the system is pretty easy to adapt to a classic D&D feel, f'r'ex, which is what I'm doing; and also the critical successes and critical failures are, I find, very inspirational.

Last night, f'r'ex, my wife rolled a '1' on her Wild Die while listening at a door. That '1' can have three results:

  1. It can remove itself, and the highest-rolling die, from the total;
  2. It can indicate that something bad is going to happen; or
  3. It can just be added in, too bad so sad.
I opted for the second option, but I was thinking, How can something go horribly bad when you're just listening at a DOOR?! I guess she could've misinterpreted a sound as something different; hear a draft but find, I dunno, a giant winged monster.

Instead I put a poisonous mold on the door, which, when the door was opened, puffed out its spores and WHAMMO! Cough-hack-damage!

Lunch is up. Gotta go. Good times!