Wednesday, February 28, 2007

He's A Special Little Snowflake, That Mike, He Is.

"I've been cyberstalking you on your blog and you haven't updated in a while," said Mike, a dude with whom I work. "What's up with that?"

Okay, Mike, here's a post just for you. It's about paper gaming miniatures, though, so you'd better like paper gaming miniatures.

Check it. T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock created a bunch of True-Type fonts which allow you to print out paper minis by the ton. Fantasy, SF, anthropomorphic animals, even starships. Yowza! They're freebies, and I say go download 'em.

Oh. They're not colored, but any goofball with a paint program and three brain cells to rub together can produce extra-awesome colory minis like the ones you see here. Then print 'em out on cardstock, fold 'em up, and avast!

Greywolf isn't the only guy what makes with the paper minis. Everyone here knows about S. John Ross' Sparks, except maybe Mike, but now that I've linked to it he really has no excuse.

Miniature Wargaming has some stuff, too -- historicals, western, vehicles even. And the Warrenton Area Game Club's paper minis will keep you busy for hours with figs like these:

I better see some 2D Space Marines on your desk, Mike. Else I won't think you're stalking me right.