Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Inertia In Action

Lately, I've decided that I'm less interested in exploring themes and shaping meaningful stories than I am in larger-than-life adventures and simple, direct action.

I wonder -- is it some sort of mid-life crisis (as some have posited), or is it just that I rarely get to game?

Seriously, I've probably logged little more than a dozen hours of gaming time this year, if at all. It's frustrating as hell and I'm tired of it.

I want to game, dammit!

Getting better organized with my group would probably help, especially if the plans would, you know, happen.

But I've gotta do something, and soon. We've got our annual Halloween One-Shot coming up (Entitled Sci Fi Pictures presents - A Sci Fi Pictures Original Role-Playing Game: MANDINGO), but after that, I'm gonna have to get some Steampunk Musha off the ground and run a few solid sessions that my players can (and do) actually show up for.

Remember that session I talked about a while back, with the Madmartigan-inspired NPC in it?

Still hasn't happened.