Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Alive But Not Living.

Here, look at this.  See this?  Look at it.

This is happening tonight, maybe a 1.5 or 2-hour drive from where I live.  Close, huh?  Oh, and I was offered free tickets to the show.

Free tickets.

As in, live one of your fucking dreams at almost no expense.  These bands you've loved since you were in kindergarten?!  See them live, here, go on, ya.


Can't, because I have a life now.  Meaning, I have bills, and a job, and it's my wife's birthday today anyway and she just switched jobs and our income is really lean at the moment and gas costs money.

When I was in my twenties and I could run around and do stuff, there was no stuff I wanted to do. In fact, I would even say, and I quote:  "I don't go to concerts because DEVO aren't touring anymore."

And it wasn't just concerts -- it was a lot of little things. Little opportunities, little risks never sought or found or taken. Many, many things for which I have the confidence or the opportunity but which have come much too late. Little experiences that make life life, not just existence.

Here's another one, gone forever.  Tonight in Carmel Blondie will sing "Atomic" and "Dreamin'", and then DEVO will bust out "Human Rocket" and maybe even "Goin' Under" or "Devo Has Feelings Too"...

...and I'll be at home.

Merely fucking existing.