Tuesday, September 06, 2011

This Is What A 1-Mile Hex Has In It


Over at The Hydra's Grotto, Steamtunnel (dude who writes the blog) asked, "How Much Adventure In One 6 Mile Hex?"  He remarks upon how large a 6-mile hex really is, and wondered about the utility of a 1-mile hex for purposes of sandboxery.  I subsequently commented upon how mind-bogglingly bad bad bad bad BAD I am at judging distances.


After a few hours (I think) of GIMP, Inkscape, Google Maps and learning some basic math (!), I can show you this image:

Click for 5.24MB of way too much time on my hands.

This is a 1-mile hex (from side to side) drawn around my house.

You don/t have to live in this area to see what all is there, but I'll clue you up:  There's part of a marina, a load of condos,  couple ponds, a goodly chunk of a 10,750 acre lake (biggest in the state, as it turns out), some tennis c- no, a lot of tennis courts, bunches a'trees and some undeveloped land.

Just outside of that hex are an elementary school, a house secluded amongst trees and more lake.


How much adventure can you fit inside of a one-mile hex?  Well...assuming that your PCs are tennis aficionados, I'd say "plenty".