Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I've Got Something For Everybody.

I mean that in two ways.

I have this blog and I never update it. I never update it because I feel like I have nothing to say. That's a misconception on my part; I have lots to say. Hell, all I do all day is think of things to say. They're just not not as much about gaming all the time.

No! Wait! I'm not leaving the hobby. No way, no how. Bury me with my dice (you'll need an extra coffin). No, what I mean is that, at present, gaming isn't taking up any of my time, because I can't seem to get a damned game in. Yeah, I know, I complain about that a lot, and whose fault is it that I --

Ah. No We're not gonna do that. I have Sundays free for gaming. Not everyone else does, damnit.

As a result, my gaming-related thoughts are kind of...well, not in a holding pattern, just kind of mediocre. There's nothing new up there, just normal stuff that I can't make happen.

I'm kinda sore about it. I'm suppressing the depression, really.

"So why don't I just blog about other stuff for a while," I think to myself, "and just see what comes out? Just use the blog as a dumping ground for anything that I think of, not just gaming stuff? It's not like anyone reads it anyway."

RESOLVED: I will post more frequently, but I am not Jeff Rients, Zak S, Jim Maliszewski, James Raggi or anyone else who gets people excited about the hobby. What I am is Dr Rotwang!, and that mofo is freaking nuts and damn he says some crazy stuff.

And everybody likes damn crazy stuff.


You know that DEVO just released a new album, right? It's called "Something For Everybody", and I have a copy. Here, look at it.

I keep listening to it and thinking, "No WAY these guys are in their fifties or whatever." This album kicks ass, plainly stated. It is energetic, snarky, cynical, clever and witty, exactly like you remember DEVO being.

Funny thing: The everything about the album --the songs, the cover, the band's new uniforms-- was chosen by committee. The boys released the material and had the fans choose what would be in there, hence the title. The result is freaking awesome...

...with one exception.

Track 9.


Now..."Cameo" is not a bad song, it's's dumb. I mean, it sounds like DEVO, but it sounds like DEVO just kinda being deliberately WTF -- and not, to me, in an interesting way. What is this song doing here, when "Watch Us Work It" (you know, from the Dell commercial) was an option? (You can buy the LP, which is struck on clear blue vinyl, and get a bonus CD of the songs that didn't make the cut, but I don't have that. I also misspelled 'vinyl' the first time around.) It's the only song I skip. Bah.

A small problem, made all the smaller by the strength of the other tracks, especially "Fresh", "What We Do Is What We Do", "Human Rocket" and "Something For Everybody" -- each and every one a devolved earworm if ever there was one. Geez, just typing the word "Fresh" has the song stuck in my head...

My daughter loves this CD. You don't need a daughter to share it with, though.

RESOLVED: Getcha some.