Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Free Map (You Know You Want To)

Here. I scribbled this today at work, and you can totally have it.

Click to amplify!

Not related to the Harold Waldrop story of the same name, my map for Night of the Cooters was inspired by a few things: The want of a map for a quick D6 Adventure skirmish, the desire to draw a map in this angled, fake-o 3D projection, and an Engle Matrix game inspired by the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter of 1955. Only my scenario, obviously, involves a staggering amount of illegal hooch.

(As an aside: The Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter -- Is It Is, or Is It Ain't? I'm skeptical, not because I dismiss it as bunk but because the evidence is scant, so it can't be proven. Probably never will. Until then, though -- hell of a story, eh?)

So...yeah, the scenario is pretty much all there. Obviously here's a downed saucer, a trailer and some rotgut. We can assume that "2 mi. to saucer" means "a short hike for some aliens", and that "trailer" and "illegal hooch" mean "hillbillies with shotguns". Who the PCs are is up to you, as is the exact situation -- do the Good Ol' Boys mistake attempts at peaceful First Contact for space-boogers cruisin' for, uh, Really Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind, or are those saucer-rats really-for-truly a bunch of complete bastards -tinfoil suits notwithstanding- who will shoot you daid an take yore tipple? Whichever, my friend. It's all you. Take! Take and enjoy.

But if that propane tank doesn't go up like an outhouse full of M80s, I will be a very, very sad panda.