Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Heart "The Real Ghostbusters", But Do I Heart It THAT Much?

I've always liked The Real Ghostbusters, the cartoon adaptation of the movie. Even at age 13 I could tell the writing was good stuff; I even found some of the episodes downright haunting (pun intended, sort of).

My wife was a big fan, too -- she' come home after school and watch it every day. And our daughter has watched the same episode about...5 times in two 24 hours.

We've started looking for the shows on DVD, go. So I dug a little deeper, and - guess what? Time-Life is releasing a 25-disc set this November. It'll have every episode and 12 hours of extras, including the unaired pilot, interviews with J. Michael Straczynski, Maurice LaMarche and others, a booklet...

...dreamy. Absolutely dreamy.

Guess I'd better just keep dreaming, though.