Thursday, August 07, 2008

¡Vota Por Los Jueces De Los Ennies!

In other words, "Vote For The Ennies Judges!" And when you do, you'll wanna vote for the judge who won't let you down...

...and you can vote for Zach Houghton, in full confidence.

  • Zach has been an Ennies judge already.
  • Zach loves this hobby, and does this stuff because of that. He is a gamer like you.
  • Zach is not a dirty brain-eatin' zombie robodroid.
  • Zach actually reads all the stuff he's asked to review for judgement.
  • Zach does not try to set you on fire every Thursday at 9.
  • Zach is fair and level-headed, having proven himself in discourse time and time again.
  • Zach once fought Harlan Ellison to a panting standstill in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, and Ellison even had his towel on and everything. (This one is not actually true)
So! Aside from the outrageous lies I just told about him and Harlan Ellison, you can totally vote for Zach Houghton and know that you have chosen a judge who is fair, rational and dedicated.

Also, he can kickbox better than John Cusack.