Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Brief Digression: I Have Some Weird Dreams.

I suppose that's not unusual; dreams are supposed to be weird. But sometimes, I am greatly amused with and surprised by my dreams, because...umn...I dig 'em.

Like this morning, for instance, when I dreamed that my 2-year-old daughter and I met George Pal.

I think we were on a trip to California, for some reason, and we found out that his home was open to visitors -- kind of a mini theme-park. While my wife was doing something else, Lily and I went to check the place out.

We were in the back yard (which had some interesting statues in it) when I saw the man himself in a basement workshop, down a flight of stairs. While Lily had a snack, I boldly asked the illustrious animator if there were a cost for his autograph. "None, none at all, my boy," he replied somewhat dramatically. "Here, why don't you come down here and see my workshop, too?"

Lily wasn't so sure at first, but together we talked her into coming down the steps. We saw some of his models, sketches, movie stills, puppets and other such stuff while the old man beamed and chatted like a proud grandfather. He got me chatting with him, pretending perhaps that he never got visitors, and talked of the wonder and joy of creating things. He ended up nudging me to get back to writing. Maybe that's what the dream was "about". I don't know.

The dream ended shortly thereafter as the alarm clock went off, so it's still pretty vivid. Besides getting a breakfast item, looking him up on Wikipedia and writing this post were the first things I did this morning.

I don't know that dreams are meant to be prophetic; I think they're just your brain sifting information and doing something with it. However it's always useful to think of them as propecy, especially when they give you a nudge or a hint or an idea.

but then again, they do dumb stuff: while showing Lily the puppets, I noticed Mr Pal's CD player had a Dr Demento compilation in it. Weird, huh?