Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm very grateful to have readers.

However, I am going to have to ask you all kindly to stop these jokes about the robot. It's a silly thing to be bothered about, but it really, really does bother me.

I was very excited to hit on a new look for the blog, and especially to make the image. I felt it captured a lot of my personal aesthetic, not to mention how strongly reminiscent it is of my favorite decade. I was pleased with the result and even moreso to put it up on the blog.

The robot image was especially important. Since I started planning the new look, I knew I needed something personal and striking. I thought about a lot of things but eventually decided on two ideas: dice, or a robot. I looked around for some good dice images but quickly decided it should be a robot instead. I've always liked robots; they hold a certain fantastic fascination for me, and they represent a lot of things that I can't even put into words.

When I drew the sketchy robot, I was very happy with it, even though it's obviously just a sketch. In fact, you could say that because it's a sketch, it's even more personally representative. I liked its loose, spontaneous look. I felt it expressed me very well.

To have jokes made about it was annoying at first but it's just depressing. It's depressing and it even makes me angry, especially when it comes from people that I like.

Yes, it's a very silly thing to be sensitive about. I don't care. Please stop.

Thank you.