Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes: Campaign Frames

Kayso I took a notebook with me in the car today and I wrote down some --

-- no, my wife was driving. And anyway, I did this in the parking lot at JoAnn Fabrics. ANYWAY, I wrote down some ideas, as they came to me, for games I could run with MS&PE. I reproduce them here for your amusement:

  • Private eyes investigating a covert alien invasion in 1940s Hollywood
  • 1980s high pulp -- Miami Vice meets Buckaroo Banzai
  • The A-Team -- crack squad of troubleshooters who get stuff done without the cops catching on
  • Delta Green
  • INTERPOL develops an enforcement division, and you're it
  • A privately-funded intelligence/counter-terrorist organization; PCs are agents
  • Meddling kids with a talking dog
  • Interplanetary P.I.s -- Blade Runner meets Northwest Smith
  • DG-esque: PCs are members of a secret society that battles the modern-day forces serving an ancient Aztec evil
  • STARGATE: 1941
  • P.I.s in a 1930s NYC with technology at 1990s capabilities (vacuum tube computers, early robots, etc.)
PS I'll get back to ya on the Jammin' Jim thing, but the short version is: Nothing much has happened yet.